The cashmere brand Hircus was launched with a simple idea: to offer high quality cashmere clothes at revolutionary prices.

Every idea

was born from an issue

Every idea was born from an issue. Jean-Nicolas Payart and Louis-Erard Bataille came up with an issue: cashmere clothes are too expensive and disappointing in terms of quality. They came up with Hircus, an alternative to the cashmere industry and fashion as a whole.

Hircus selects for you the most beautiful materials and works with the best ateliers. Renowned for their raw materials and their expertise, our suppliers are at the heart of our expansion towards designing products that will last.


Full transparency

Transparency is a notion that is today at the heart of our concept and at the brand’s foundation. The high-end cashmere industry performs margins that are 5 times or even 8 times higher than its production costs. Hircus does not work with sales intermediaries nor resellers, it is all between you and us. This is how we can offer you cashmeres that are half as expensive as if they were sold in the traditional way.

We wanted to put you at the heart of our brand. Choices of materials, selection of suppliers and place of production, we share our daily life with you at Hircus. We want you to be aware of our challenges and our choices because we believe that you have the right to know what you are buying. Sharing everything with you with total transparency also means listening to your feedbacks, sharing our growth with you, and offering you collections that suit your needs and desires. This is what we think truly makes Hircus a high-end brand.


Unlike items in the current fashion industry, our products are designed to last not to follow a trend, which if often temporary. Our collections and production are never on sale, in order to offer you products at a fair price throughout the year. High quality beautiful basics, at the right price, in order to buy less but better.

We work on a daily basis to limit our impact on the environment which we are concerned by. 100% natural materials are chosen for all our collections. The carbon emissions of our e-commerce logistics are fully compensated. We also favor recycled, returnable and reusable packaging. Regarding our sweaters’ cashmere, we harvest it in spring, during the goats’ natural molt, by combing them instead of shaving them, to maintain their natural protection with respect.