The cashmere brand Hircus was launched with a simple idea: offer high quality cashmere clothes with revolutionary prices.

A Grade A cashmere

A Grade A cashmere is selected for all our sweaters, which corresponds to the longest and thinnest hair of the animal. This thread ensures flexibility and resistance that offers an impeccable quality for the final product.

A historical cashmere house

Our cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, in the middle of the Gobi Desert, which is Capra Hircus’ favorite place, the goats behind this unique fiber. We are proud to collaborate with one of the oldest cashmere Maison in the world, located in Erdos since 1979. It benefits from one of the best climate environments in the world, thanks to the -40°C degrees winters which help raise Capra Hircus goats in the necessary conditions for a top-of-the-range cashmere manufacture.

Between you and us, without sales intermediaries

Today, our suppliers master all stages of cashmere production, from its harvesting and selection, to its knitting yarn fabrication, to the final sweater. A historical expertise which they pass on to us on a daily basis. These unique interlocutors allow us to limit the manufacturing intermediaries and to offer you the best quality at the best price.

Respect this unique goat

Beyond the quality, harvest is also important to us. We therefore attach a strong importance to the way in which our cashmere is harvested. Capra Hircus goats, which produce their cashmere during winter to protect themselves from the cold, are combed by hand in spring, during their natural molt to extract this unique fur in the purest tradition and respect.