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The best cashmere quality for our jumpers

The factory

Our cashmere jumpers factory is located in Erdos since 1979, in the heart of the Gobi Desert. It benefits from one of the best climatic environments in the world, thanks to winter at -40 ° C to raise the Capra Hircus goats at the origin of cashmere. We are proud to collaborate with one of the most renowned cashmere houses in the world which now works for many foreign clients, including large Italian luxury cashmere firms.

Its know-how

Our cashmere house has enjoyed unique knowledge for more than 40 years. It has mastered all stages of making, from the cashmere harvest to the final knitting of cashmere sweaters. It selects for us the best qualities of cashmere, grade A, corresponding to the longest and finest hairs. Capra Hircus goats, which make their cashmere during the winter, are combed by hand in the spring, during their natural moulting to recover this unique hair in the purest tradition and respect for this unique goat.

How we found it

We spent months looking for the supplier that fits with the idea we had of Hircus. It is after a journey of almost a year and many visits, that we found in Inner Mongolia, a factory to match our requirements and an irreproachable know-how. 2 to 3 times a year we visit Mr Li which allows us to maintain special ties and to benefit from a know-how of excellence to make our collections always more upmarket.