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Our women cashmere jumpers

Discover 100% cashmere jumper for women. Our philosophy : quality, transparency and value for money. Our cashmere are made from A grade cashmere, which correspond on the best fibers, a thin and long haïr who make the quality of our jumpers.

Cashmere Daïna

Cashmere Gurvan

Modèle Vhoyo tricolore

Cashmere Davaa

Cashmere Vhoyo

Cashmere Galtta

Cashmere Khuza

Cashmere Hilza

Cashmere Toby

Cachemire Cyna

Cashmere Zuka

Cashmere Khoyo

Abrac dress

Cashmere Yaga

Cashmere Oly

Cashmere Leyha

Cashmere Baga

Cashmere Yuki

Cashmere Sergi

Cashmere Oyu

Sakhar Coat

Hili coat

Liga coat

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