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A cashmere jumper without pilling !

Why your cashmere jumper has some pilling ? Your cashmere can pill for two reasons : because of the quality or because of the maintenance.

- In the case of your cashmere has a low quality, the hairs used to make the jumper are too short because cheaper. With a cashmere with low quality, you need to get a lot of hairs to obtain a wire to be knitted. With the time, some pilling will appear because all the hairs are going to loosen. In Hircus, we have a grade A cashmere, which correspond to a long and thin hair, so you won’t have this problem due to the quality.

- Your cashmere can pill because of the maintenance. When a Hircus cashmere is made, we have an excess of cashmere. When the jumper is new, the excess must be rejected. When this excess appear, you must regulary wash your jumper, after two or three wears.The severals washing will remove this excess of cashmere and you won’t have any pilling. So, if some pilling appear, it’s because you took too many times to wash your cashmere.

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