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Introduced in Paris during the winter 2014, the cashmere brand Hircus is born from the desire of 2 friends, Jean-Nicolas Payart and Louis-Erard Bataille, to rejuvenate the cashmere market by approaching one way younger and trendiest. The goal is to propose collections with trend design, affordable price, the all in a cashmere with a high quality.

t’s after a voyage of a year that we have found in Inner Mongolia, a high quality fiber   and irreproachable knowledge. Hircus is today proud to work with one of the most reputated houses of cashmere in the work in order to offer you a high quality cashmere. All of our models are also realized in cashmere grade A, who is the best quality of this fiber : a long and thin hair.

Because we want to propose you a premium quality in a affordable price, we have decided to delete sales intermediaries. By sellling our cashmere only in our distribution channels (our e-shop, our shop in Paris), the cashmere brand Hircus delete the commercial margin of the retailer and propose to you some cashmere two times cheaper than if they were sold normally via multibrand shops. 

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Our cashmere

Our cashmere comes from high mongol mountains, at an altitude more than 4000m, where the temperature can sometimes reach -40°C. Mongols goats provide the cashmere during winter and are sheared by the shepherds during spring.

In Hircus, our products are entirely realized with some grade A cashmere, which are the best fibers, un long and thin hair who makes the quality of the Hircus cashmere

We do not simply provide us with cashmere bobbins ready to be knitted. We work in collaboration with one of the most reputated cashmere house in the world, on each step of the making, in order to offer you a high quality cashmere.

The breeding

Our goats are raised outside, in pasturage during winter, then in an enclosure at the end of winter. In Spring, when the temperature becomes warmer, goats mult. It’s at this time that we collect the cashmere fiber, by brushing the goats, and not by shearing, in order to collect the hair without damaging them.

The carding

Once the cashmere collected, we wash it, then we separate the cashmere fiber from the guard hair, this step is named the carding. This step allows us to select the best fiber, the grade A, which is the best cashmere, a long and thin hair. In Hircus, we repeat 3 times the step of carding, in order to get the purest as possible hair. 

Spinning part 1

Once the grade A hair selected, we realize the first step of spinning the cashmere. It involves the transformation of the hair in thread by link them one in the others by light rotations. This step allows to obtain a first thread. It is nevertheless not yet usable as is to knitting the sweater because the cashmere fibers are not sufficiently link and the thread obtained is not thin enough.

Spinning part 2

The spinning part 2 is the most important. Each house of cashmere have their own secrets to get a quality thread.
The goal of this part is to get the stronger and the thinnest thread where the hairs keep linking eachothers.
At Hircus, stip is realized on old machines which are very hard to make today.
It’s this perfect control of this step who allows us to get the perfect fiber and to provide you a very high quality cashmere. 


Once the fibers «spinning », we assemble two bobbins between them in order to obtain a final bobbin said « two threads ».In Hircus, our cashmere are all made with two threads in order to obtain a sweater thin, light and hot in order to wear it all year long.

The knitting

The last step of our production is the knitting of the sweater. It corresponds at the transformation of a bobbin two threads in one sweater. Some of our cashmere are made by hand knitting machine when the complexity of the sweater and finitions are required. Finally, our sweaters are make in order to obtain a light and elegante stitch.

The maintenance

Your Hircus cashmere is made out of high quality fibres. To preserve its softness, it is recommended to wash carefully after having worn the garment.

We recommend you to wash regulary your cashmere, after wear it two or three times. The more you wash the garment the softer it will become, in fact it loves water. 

When it’s new, it is normal for any sur plus cashmere to be rejected by forming smalls balls. To eliminate them simply wash the garment two or three times.
This effect will disapeare after few washing. During first washing, if you wear your cashmere 3 or 4 times without wash it, pilling will be difficult to eliminate, it’s very important to wash your cashmere jumper regulary, particulary when it’s new

We also recommend you to don’t wear your jumper severals day in a row, it can damage the fibre. When you don’t wear it, do not put it on clothe hanger, fold it simply.

So, we recommend to you

• a regular washing, after two or three times wear.
• If you wash your cashmere by hand, you just have to put it in cold water with very little liquid wool detergent, and hand-mixing it, don’t soak or twist your cashmere.
• To wash your cashmere in the washing machine, choose the cold wool cycle and spin at 400 trs/min (maximum 600 trs/min
• To dry your garment we propose you to lay it on a towel
- Take care of your cashmere, it will be better -

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