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Our women’s cashmere round neck jumpers

Discovers all our women's round neck 100% cashmere jumpers made in A grade for a high quality. A large range of women’s round neck cashmere jumpers to perfectly fit you in every season and every occasion, knitted in 2 ply or 4 ply. A must have.

Cashmere Gurvan

Govi cashmere

Cashmere Voly

Bruna cashmere

Aiki cashmere

Cashmere Daïna

Cashmere Vhoyo

Soto cashmere

Modèle Vhoyo tricolore

Oruwu cashmere

Cashmere Guli

Cashmere Davaa

Cashmere Hilza

Cachemire Khali

Khorin cashmere

Cashmere Sergi